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Whitelabel CloseBot
Whitelabel CloseBot

Learn how to whitelabel CloseBot as a super user

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Users on the Super Plan have the ability to white label CloseBot. The white label allows the ability to customize the website link, customize the site logo, view sub-account user data, make sub-account bot edits on that user's behalf, as well as upgrade, downgrade or set limits on sub-accounts!

Business Information

This text shows up throughout the branded CloseBot platform instead of the CloseBot name. This also replaces the GoHighLevel name anywhere that is preset.

Customize the Website Link and Site Info

This is the link you will drive users to, having them create an account. Once a user creates an account by using this link, you will see them in your white label portal and will be able to make edits to their account.

Customize the Website Logo

You'll have access to this area once you click SAVE to save valid information for your Site Info and Business name (from above). Once you create your white label, you will be able to update the site favicon and social share image. We recommend the logo be a PNG file and square. A logo that isn't too dark OR too light works best.

See examples below showing where the logo will be placed.

View User Data

You have the ability to monitor your user's accounts when they join as a sub-account. You can see the person's name, email, total credits in their account and their current 30-day usage amount. This is helpful in identifying when users are close to reaching their 30-day limit quota or prompting them to top-off their account with credits.

Modify User Accounts (Upgrade/ Downgrade/ Limit)

You can also upgrade and downgrade sub-accounts here. You will be billing these clients for your services outside of the CloseBot platform and then you will manually update their account to reflect the "features" that they are paying you for.

You can see here that Arin has been listed as a TRIAL user while Joshua is a 3 BOTS user. Arin is also limited to being allowed to send 0 messages every 30 days and Joshua is limited to 50 messages.

Account Types and Limits

You can bill your client outside of CloseBot however much or little you want. Your "tiers" should reflect a change in capabilities and limits. Just as a refresher, here's how CloseBot has structured pricing for users. You could use something similar:

The tiers you can set for users include the following:

Trial - Single bot with limited capabilities

1 Bot - Single Bot with full capabilities

3 Bots - Make up to 3 bots with full capabilities

Unlimited - Make unlimited bots (cannot use their own OpenAI API key on subaccounts)

Edit Sub-Account Bots

Not only can you manage the sub-account types and limits, you can also view the sub-account and even make changes to their bots. This is helpful if your client is expecting you to step in as their support person. You can change the account you're viewing CloseBot as by changing the value in the dropdown in the sidebar here:

Once you select an account, you can navigate to any screen and you'll be viewing and making edits from that user's perspective ๐Ÿ’ช

Sub-Account Limits

As to not ruin your image, CloseBot sub-accounts currently do not have access to the Help section or the support chat bubble. Until we build out a white label support and help system, it will be up to you to provide support. Contact us if you would like to enable non-white-label support features for your subaccounts at an additional cost.


Sub-Accounts cannot use their own OpenAI key. They purchase credits and these payments go to CloseBot. The usage does not get billed to you in any way.

Now, the purchase invoice will show the CloseBot company, but it states in the description that CloseBot is an AI data provider for their CRM.

DNS Setup

Once you save your new white label settings, you'll see DNS setup instructions specific to your account.

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